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We are a talented compact team with over 10 years experience in the industry.


Our aim is to use our skills in the following areas to create exceptional work that betters our world; culturally, ethically and sustainably.




Our team is equipped to cater to your production requirements. We use the Canon ecosystem of cameras and lenses for our digital workflow. We also offer analogue photographic services in medium format and 35mm for those interested in using more traditional photographic methods. We relish in the opportunity to make stories come to life on location and have a boutique photographic studio located in the hills of Byron Bay for product and studio photography.


We supply filming services ranging from the creation of digital assets to be used in publications, promotion of products, online content, DVDs and television broadcast. We are capable of filming on location, in studio, events, presentations and people, we love people! We frequently supply autocue services, talent and models, sound and lighting, sourcing and license management of stock film for all applications. Deeply invested in story telling our motion team are able to facilitate documentary filmmaking, short films, music videos and creative content. With over ten years experience in the industry we've got a tale or two to tell. We offer creative solutions to budgets of all shapes and sizes - don’t hesitate to ask!


We have a full time post production team operating within a refined post production pipeline. We have an experienced offline and online editing team who are familiar with the Adobe Creative suite as well as Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve. We have the in-house ability to master audio for broadcast.

We also offer a range of motion graphics options from typography and logo splashes through to 3D animation, we are able to cater to your needs in-house and through collaboration with specialist local Visual Effects Houses. No request is out of the realm of possibility.


If you are new to this, or simply do not have the time, we are happy to take the reigns of the project for you. We will keep you up to date on the progress of the project and ask the right questions when needed. We want it to be a collaborative process without taking you away from the most important things in your business.



Our team is equipped to create masterful audio mixes from podcast to sound design, mixing, mastering and composing. Our Byron Mini-Studio is equipped with the latest equipment from Røde for recording your very own podcast. If you’re just passing through and need to record that next episode - stop on by.


We have a broad selection of gear for both still photography and film making for hire. And a boutique studio space in Coopers Shoot just 15 min from Byron Bay. Please email us for photos and a complete list of gear.