YAGA is a company with conscience that likes to challenge the status quo. With a focus to communicate Australian identity, we invest in positive projects with creative outcomes. We promote positive social change and strive to alter the global politic through visual communication. We have a passion for something outside of ourselves.

YAGA assists companies that are aligned with ethical and sustainable practices, companies that are not just chasing the bottom line. We apply our methodology of embracing new technology whilst restoring some old fashioned values. Our personalised and customised projects cater to each client’s desires. We see the process of image making through from start to finish, ensuring continuity and integrity.


Jessie Prince


Jessie Prince has established herself as a leading agile director, working across multi-disciplinary projects from print advertising and editorial to commercial content for leading National brands. Jessie is governed by curiosity and is unbound in the development of her visual language. The art of realising ideas and transforming them into a language that incites and moves is a lifetime pursuit.

Jessie has a passion for creating quality work and ensuring that all projects are delivered to brief, on budget and on time and the process is a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved.

In 2018, Jessie co-founded Yaga with her business partner of 5 years Rhys Jones, their vision is to forge a new echelon of doing business with a true sense of purpose.




Rhys Jones is an accomplished film & TV director with over 10 years of experience working both internationally and domestically on a diverse range of projects, from commercial content for National brands to independent films. Rhys is driven by capturing and telling real stories with strong sense of authenticity. He specialises translating complex communication problems into simplified creative solutions that inspires the audience.


Anna Hutchcroft


I believe that our most valuable resource lies in the minds of our peers. Seeing someone else’s idea articulated through words, gestures, and moving images ignites inspiration because it takes courage to create. And not only that, but to create something that articulates your message and becomes a part of the kind of future you believe in. I’m doing this so I get to say that I chose the future filled with hope and environmentally conscious innovations over the one with plastic choked oceans and sinking cities. I have found photography to be a potent tool for change, and Yaga an exciting and poignant reaction to stagnation.




If you don’t find me in a dark room fiddling with individual pixels or trying to figure out expressions, you’ll find me in the great outdoors; traversing mountains or duck diving waves. I think it’s important to test yourself before you can really be an asset to others. This fascination with the natural world lead to a natural progression into a career in moving and still images. As much as I love capturing images, it’s the technical side that floats my boat, I want to know the chroma subsampling rate of the camera and how well the image holds up after intense processing. Give me a manual and you’ll have me hooked for days. My values heavily lean towards the state of the world and the individual changes that we can make to impact it. I want to build a career on documenting the people and organisations that are working the hardest to make these changes and hopefully be a contributing member of that community in my own right



Production Co-Ordinator

Connecting to earth is vital for my existence. I purposely fill my life with is smiling for no reason. I appear to have a built in feature for organising, making things happen and bringing people together. Things that I give a shit about are the impacts of mindless food purchasing and humankinds’ ridiculous obsession with plastic, especially toys for children. My osmosis into Yaga was obvious and easy. I whole-heartedly support jobs that are done with more than money in mind. Investing energy and using your skills to enrich and empower others rests well with me. Anyone can work hard but doing the hard yakka that truly hits on something meaningful is what bonds a community.