Yaga (ya-ga) a. The Australian English word ‘yakka’ came from the Yagera language (Yaga, ‘strenuous work’). Yagera/Yaggera is classified as belonging to the Durubalic subgroup of the Pama-Nyungan languages, but is also treated as the general name for the languages of the Brisbane area.


YAGA is a company with conscience. We have a focus in communicating and enriching Australian identity and culture. We invest in projects that endeavour to create social change and encourage development and growth. We strive to alter the global politic through visual communication. We have a passion for something that exists outside of ourselves.

YAGA assists companies that are aligned with ethical and sustainable practices, companies that are not just simply chasing the bottom line. We apply our methodology of embracing new technology whilst restoring some old fashioned values. Our personalised and customised projects cater to each client’s desires. We see the process of image making through from start to finish, ensuring continuity and integrity.


Jessie Prince


Jessie Prince has established herself as a leading agile director, working across multi-disciplinary projects from print advertising and editorial to commercial content for leading National brands. Jessie is governed by curiosity and is unbound in the development of her visual language. The art of realising ideas and transforming them into a language that incites and moves is a lifetime pursuit.

Jessie has a passion for creating quality work and ensuring that all projects are delivered to brief, on budget and on time and the process is a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved.

In 2018, Jessie co-founded Yaga with her business partner of 5 years Rhys Jones, their vision is to forge a new echelon of doing business with a true sense of purpose.




Rhys Jones is an accomplished film & TV DOP and Camera Operator with over 10 years of experience working both internationally and domestically on a diverse range of projects, from commercial content for National brands to independent films. Rhys is driven by capturing and telling real stories with strong sense of authenticity. He specialises translating complex communication problems into simplified creative solutions that inspires the audience.